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As the foundation for Carolina Floral started to take root in late March 2019, it was not lost on me that we were embarking on the first days of spring.  Days when the stark winter landscape starts to reveal the colors that lie beneath the soil.  Slowly at first.  The redbuds.  Then the dogwoods, expanding in layers of pink and white around town. 

I watch the peony bushes in my yard begin to poke through the brown earth where they have been hiding for months.  In short order, they will sprout high and reveal the buds that will soon emerge as luscious pink and white cotton-candy like visions of sweetness and beauty.  They are old friends that have come back for a beautiful but all too short visit!

I’ve long been a knitter and a needle pointer, and selecting an assortment of stems and greenery and transforming them into a beautiful design feeds the similar sense of “sensory creativity” that I find in the needle arts.  There is the feel of fresh stems in my hands, the robust aroma that evolves as I walk through the rooms filled with buckets of blooms and greenery, and finally the visual satisfaction of the assembled arrangement. 

For me, flowers are also a way of connecting with the people in my life, again similar to the connection and community I find in knitting and needlepoint.  Delivering a handcrafted vibrant scarf, sitting around a table stitching with friends or presenting a vase filled with fresh lilies and curly willow to someone, anyone, is just plain joyful and fun! 

In addition to being able to do something I love, I am excited about the opportunity to work with a wonderful team of people I cherish.  And let’s not forget about my amazing four-legged gals, Hope & Oakley, who are quickly learning that lemon leaf and eucalyptus stems are much more fun to chew on than those thorny roses!

At Carolina Floral, my job starts with listening to you, understanding your vision.  Collaborating with you to create custom arrangements that embody this vision is what drives my process at every step.  I have relationships with wholesale vendors who provide both excellent quality and a wide variety of fresh product (blooms, greens, plants etc.) as well as an expansive inventory of hard goods (vases, baskets, pots, etc.) that allow us to transform your vision into a reality. 

As you plan your next event or embark on finding a special bouquet to brighten someone’s day, we would love to hear from you!

Elizabeth, Hope & Oakley  

Carolina Floral LLC

Hope enjoying the first peony of 2019!
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